Those Tory priorities in full

The Conservatives’ adjournment of the House of Commons in protest at the extradition of the Enron three was widely reported in the mainstream media last week.

But none picked up the bizarre twist that the Tories were actually voting against debating two of their own motions, including one on the Millennium Development Goals.

In short, taking the afternoon off for Pimms on the Terrace in a unique form of protest over the fate of three pinstriped fat cat fraud suspects was a considerably more important concern for Conservative MPs than the fate of billions of people around the globe whose very lives depend on the MDGs being achieved sooner rather than later.

This afternoon, the Tories had a chance to make amends, wangling an Opposition Half Day debate to make up for their missed chance the week before, on which they could choose any subject they liked. Home Information Packs it was.

During three hours that the Tories chose not to spend discussing how to reduce global poverty, approximately 5000 babies and young children died from poverty-related causes. (Source: Unicef)


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