Thames Water facing fines for poor standards

Good news for consumers as the country faces its hottest day of the year. Ofwat, the water utilities’ regulatory body has announced today that it intends to fine Thames Water for failing to reach customer service performance standards under the Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS).Under the GSS scheme, a company that fails to achieve standards must pay affected customers a financial penalty.

The procedural step is one that must be taken before any financial penalties can be opposed on the water company, which has long been criticised for poor service and multiple leaks at a time when water shortages have led to a hosepipe ban.

The move comes as Ernst & Young investigate allegations of misreporting of Thames’ customer service performance.

Philip Fletcher, Chairman of the Water Services Regulation Authority, said:

“From the evidence we have seen it is clear that Thames Water has failed to meet the GSS performance standards. The failures were within the company’s control, and some customers have not received the standard of service to which they are entitled. As a result customers’ interests have been damaged.

“It is extremely disappointing that we have had to take this action against Thames Water for its customer service failures, coming on top of the company’s breach of its leakage target. This is a clear warning to Thames Water that it must be focused on delivering the services that customers have paid for.”


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