Elections to Labour NEC hotting up

The biannual elections to the body that is perennially described as “Labour’s ruling body” are well under way, with a leadership friendly brown nose group jockeying for position with a collection of badge wearing, placard carrying lefties.

Controversy has been raging in the pages of Tribune over claims that Labour party staff have been campaigning for the Blair-friendly slate of hacks, and this week saw the illustrious chair of Young Labour, one Neil Bibby (no, we’d not heard of him either), emailing out all yoof members of the party with snappy one liners about each of his favoured candidates.  They are worth reproducing in full:

>>Ellie Reeves – former National Chair of Labour Students needs your support.
>>Lorna Fitzsimmons – former President of NUS need our support
>>Peter Wheeler – current NEC Member who voted against the increase in >membership subscriptions needs our support.
>>Philomena Muggins – active Labour and Amicus member for over 20 years and Scottish Executive Member needs our support.
>>Bill Thomas – Probably the most experienced candidate running for the NEC and Leader of Sandwell Council needs your support.
>>Azhar Ali – North West Rep on the NPF who believes we need to do more to engage with BME communities needs your support.

Amazingly, Louise Baldock doesn’t make young Bibby’s list.  She is a current member of the NEC, who has spent the last two years loyally towing the line on issues of policy.  Her main issue of beef  is the need for the Labour leadership to deselect MPs who write articles in newspapers disagreeing with the party line.  She recently wrote that she had complained in Number 10 “about our failure to act in the first term of Government against MPs continually voting against us, how when we did not deselect them, or even subject them to an open reselection it gave the green card for them to do what they like.”

Amazingly, I am told by a source in the north that she is currently sniffing around the Stockton North seat of Frank Cook MP, and is busily presenting herself as the natural successor to that hard-line Campaign Group MP.  Given that Cook has rebelled a not inconsiderable 49 since Labour came to power in 1997, lets hope she isn’t really telling people she is going to follow in all of his footsteps.


One Response to Elections to Labour NEC hotting up

  1. Louise baldock says:

    Hey, dont let the facts get in the way of a good story

    I have only been on the NEC for 12 months, not two years, and have not been slavishly loyal to anyone.

    Generally speaking I am a bit of a thorn in the side which would be why I wasn’t on the “offical” slate for the establishment.

    I was the only person who voted for one of Pete Willsman’s motions at a sub-committee the other day, now not many people can claim that!
    (I thought it was quite a sensible motion, sadly no-one else did)

    I have never had any interest in being an MP, I have just been elected as a Liverpool City Councillor, having wanted to be a Councillor for a very long time.

    It is true that I can sometimes be seen in Stockton as my family live there but other than that, I cannot think what you mean? Can it be because the CLP nominated me for the NEC that you have come up with this ridiculous idea?

    You need better sources mate!

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